Lessons With Soundworks

The piano is a fantastic basic instrument from which students can easily move onto other instruments later: it requires reading of both treble and bass staves and has the largest note-range. Fine motor skills, finger independence and strength, dexterity, speed and co-ordination are developed equally in both hands. It is a versatile, pleasant-sounding instrument that appeals to many and fits in with any musical genre – classical, jazz, rock or country.

You definitely will need a piano at home to practice on during the week although many people make do with a keyboard for the first six months. Children generally need to be around 6 years of age before they begin. However, with the Suzuki Method which some of our teachers use, children as young as 4 or 5 can start. No matter which method of teaching is used, a child younger than around eight years will need plenty of adult support with their practice.